Dr. Yong Huang – Embrace the Next Waves of Transporter Research: Think Beyond, Think Big

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  • Transporters are a class of 400+ membrane proteins that regulate cellular entry and exit of various endogenous compounds, nutrients and xenobiotics. In the past three decades, significant progress has been made in understanding transporters’ vital roles in biology, (patho) physiology and drug response. The recent surge in transporter studies not only has improved our mechanistic understanding of drug DDI, DMPK, safety and efficacy, but also has the potential of unlocking tremendous opportunities in discovering new therapeutic targets and strategies for treating hundreds of diseases. By the same token, there are still big gaps in translating findings from in vitro transporter studies into accurate prediction of drug behaviors in vivo, suggesting major deficiencies in our knowledge on how transporters function in the body, and likely shortfalls in current transporter research practice.  

    In this thought-provoking talk, the presenter will share his research findings, theoretical analysis and new hypotheses, many unpublished, related to transporters in the context of a sophisticated and highly regulated “molecular transport network” in the body.  The presentation will start with basic biology to demonstrate the crucial importance of transporters, followed by introducing fundamental concepts, theories and hypotheses pertinent to transporter-mediated transport. There will be a special emphasis on the often-overlooked driving forces of cross-membrane transport, and the novel hypothesis of transporter-induced protein binding shift (TIPBS). Case studies will then be presented to demonstrate the utility of re-examining the fundamentals in designing definitive transporter studies, in improving the understanding of how transporters function in complex tissue environments, and in modeling and prediction of drug response.

    Subsequently, the speaker will walk the audience through an integrated approach to validate transporters as key determinants of tissue toxicity and anti-tumor efficacy of platinum-based drugs; and furthermore, to discover transporter modulators that could make traditional chemotherapies more tolerable and safer. In the end, the speaker will share his perspectives on future research directions for realizing the full potential of transporter biology in drug discovery and development.








    Dr. Yong Huang

    Optivia Biotechnology

    Dr. Yong Huang is the founder, President and CEO of Optivia Biotechnology Inc., which is dedicated to advancing transporter research. He received BS from Tsinghua University (China) and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, with a major in Bioengineering and minors in Control Engineering and Microelectronics.  His Ph.D. research focused on controlling cross-membrane transport at single-cell level by biophysical means and single-cell genetic engineering.

    His pioneering work resulted in the birth of the world’s first "bionic chip" and subsequently several patented research and medical device products.  After graduation, Dr. Huang shifted his scope to study biological transport phenomena and has been dedicated to transporter research in the last decade. His recent research interests are centered around mechanistic understanding and modeling of active transport at protein, cell and tissue levels, and their applications in DDI, DMPK and pharmacology. Dr. Huang is a prolific inventor and a serial entrepreneur. Besides Optivia, he co-founded or made key contributions to four life science startups, including Oncobionics (acquired by AgioDynamics).

    He is the co-inventor/author of over 50 patents, journal articles and conference publications, and is the principle investigator of over $8M NIH/FDA research grants. Dr. Huang is a two-time recipient of the prestigious R&D 100 Award (2002&2012) and was honored as the “R&D Stars of the Year” by Industry Week in 2003.


  • Organizer: Optivia Biotechnology Inc.

    Time: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

    Cost: Free