Quintuple Multi-Transporter Model for Creatinine Clearance OAT2/OCT2/OCT3/MATE1/MATE2K

kidneygraphic_multitransport_graphicOpti-Expression technology was used to develop a Quintuple Multi-Transporter Model for Creatinine Clearance OAT2/OCT2/OCT3/MATE1/MATE2K which was used to to investigate the role of multiple transporters in the kidney.  In this example a model was developed for studying the effect of compounds on creatinine clearance.

Five major transporters were identified; OAT2, OCT2 and OCT3 on the basolateral side and MATE-1 and MATE2-k on the apical side. In this model transports can be expressed in any combination while the trans-cellular transport and intracellular accumulation can be monitored for creatinine or the test article.