Optivia Biotechnology now offers certified GenoMembrane transporter vesicle products in the US and Canada

High-quality “inside-out” vesicles for studying ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) transporters including BSEP, MRPs, MDR1 and BCRP

(Santa Clara, CA | March 8, 2017) Optivia is pleased to announce its partnership with GenoMembrane Co. LTD. (Japan), a leading provider of high-quality, “inside-out” efflux transporter vesicle products. Under the agreement, Optivia is authorized to distribute all of GenoMembrane’s vesicle products in the United States and Canada. Unlike other distributors, Optivia provides further assurance of product quality by performing rigorous functional testing on each batch of products shipped from Japan. Furthermore, Optivia offers competitive pricing, unmatched technical support, and attentive customer service to ensure that you get the most out of your vesicle assays.

More than 20 vesicle products available

Transporter Species Optivia Cat. #
Human OPT‐VGM0008
Rat OPT‐VGM0007
Human OPT‐VGM0005
Rat OPT‐VGM0006
Dog OPT‐VGM0019
Human OPT‐VGM0015
Mouse—Mdr1a OPT‐VGM0004
Mouse—Mdr1b OPT‐VGM0016
Human OPT‐VGM0010
Rat OPT‐VGM0011
Dog OPT‐VGM0017
Human OPT‐VGM0001
Rat OPT‐VGM0002
Dog OPT‐VGM0014
Mouse OPT‐VGM0022
Monkey OPT‐VGM0018
Human OPT‐VGM0021
Human OPT‐VGM0012
Rat OPT‐VGM0020
Human OPT‐VGM0013
Control OPT‐VGM0003

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