TransFlex™ Assay-Ready Transporter Plates Now Available

· Ready to use – receive your plate, get data the next day

·  Suitable for both substrate and inhibition studies

·  Available for a variety of single-transporter and multi-transporter models

·  Easy to use 96-well format

·  Flexible plate configurations allow multiple transporter options plus control cells on the same plate

·  No costly cell line development or maintenance




(Menlo Park, CA, April 20, 2016) Optivia Biotechnology is pleased to announce the launch of the TransFlex™ transporter assay system. Researchers now have the option of using assay-ready transporter plates expressing a variety of transporters in-house. TransFlex plates require minimal cell culture and maintenance, and plate formats can be customized to an assortment of configurations. Whether you have a single compound that you need to test against a variety of transporters or many compounds that you need to test against a single transporter, we can design plates to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about Transporter/Regulatory Transporter assay-ready plates currently available.