Multi-Transporter Models

Multi-Transporter Models An Overview

Transporters in the body work together in a tightly controlled manner to move xenobiotics and endogenous ligands through the body. It is useful to study transporters individually to gain insight into which transporters are involved but, in order to thoroughly understand transport, it is essential to study how transports work together. With the Opti-Expression™ technology it is possible to study multiple transporters in the same cells. By using polarized cells transporters are expressed on the appropriate membrane as would be expected in vivo. Furthermore, expression levels of the individual transporters can be controlled such that expression levels mimic what is seen in vivo. The menu below will take you to some of the current applications of the multi-transporter models. Please note Optivia’s flexible system means additional models are possible. For more information on the models or custom development please contact us.

Available Multi-Transporter Models

  • OCT1/MATE1

  • Optiva offers quick and cost-effective custom development of transporter assays. Our Opti-Expression™ technique can be used to develop and validate new transporters and combinations of transporters faster than any other commercially available approach. If you have transporter mediated mechanistic questions during your drug development, please contact us


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