DAT Transporter Assay (SLC6A3)

The plasma-membrane-bound Dopamine (DA) transporter (DAT; SLC6A3) is a principal regulator of extracellular and cytoplasmic DA concentration.  DAT removes DA from the synapse and shuttles it into the cytoplasm (except in the prefrontal cortex where the epinephrine transporter appears to play that role).  DAT inhibition results in high synaptic levels of the neurotransmitter and dopamine receptor activation. Disruption of DA uptake into vesicles or promotion of DA efflux from vesicles into the cytoplasm leads to DA auto-oxidation, ROS formation, and nerve terminal damage. The DAT transporter is localized to dopaminergic neurons.

Optivia offers DAT substrate and inhibition assays for transport in polarized mammalian cells. We offer a wide range of studies including single concentration screens up to full kinetic studies to determine the IC50 for DAT inhibitors as well as Vmax and Km values for DAT substrates.

DAT Transporter Assay

Relevance – Neurotransmission; validated therapeutic target Single or Multi-Transporter Model – Single
Transporter Type – Uptake Cell Model – MDCK-II
Assay Type – Intracellular accumulation Exactly Matched Control Cells – Yes
Species – Human Probe Substrate – Dopamine
Subcellular Localization in Assay Model – Apical Inhibition Positive Control – Venlafaxine