Custom Development

Custom Transporter Study Design & Development with Opti-Expression™

Optivia’s Opti-Expression™ technique can be used to develop and validate new transporters and combinations of transporters faster than any other commercially available approach. Combining patented methods and proprietary know-how, Opti-Expression is uniquely suited to answer transporter mediated mechanistic questions by enabling one or more exogenous transporters to be over-expressed and specific endogenous transporters to be knocked down, all in polarized cell monolayers – more closely mimicking in vivo biology of organ boundaries, representing a more physiologically relevant model for transporter biology study.

Noteworthy examples of our custom development models include:

  • Multi-transporter models for studying creatinine clearance
  • Multi-transporter models for studying bile salt homeostasis
  • Single and multi-transporter models for evaluating ability of drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier

We look forward to learning how we can develop transporter assay study designs that meet your specific research program objectives.