Charles Hsu, Ph.D., Director

Charles has been a life sciences investor and entrepreneur since 1990. He has co-founded and/or invested in over 30 companies, including Alpha Beta, AutoImmune, DNX, Axys Pharmaceuticals, KOSAN, Urocor, Lexicon Genetics, Telik, Biomatrix, RPI (later SiRNA) and Aviron, Inc., all of which went public on NASDAQ, and Plexxikon, which was acquired for over $900 million.

Some of Charles’ non-US involvements include include Orgenics and D-Pharm (TASE: DPRM) in Israel; and Asia Renal Care, Mindray International (NYSE: MR), Eureka Pharmaceuticals, GenturaDx, LEAD Therapeutics, China Biologic and Wuxi Pharmatech (NYSE:WX), all in Greater China. He was co-founder and initial CEO of LEAD (successfully sold in 2010). He advised certain of Wuxi Pharmatech’s investors in the company’s pre-IPO round, and later advised Wuxi itself on various corporate development deals.

Charles previously served as a General Partner of Walden International, and before that as a Partner at Advent International. He currently holds independent Board seats with several privately held companies, most of them operating in China, and serves as Senior Advisor for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Mustang Ventures, a China-based early-stage venture capital fund. He is the founder of Crosswave Management, a firm focused on bringing healthcare products and technologies to China.

Charles serves on the Board of the Jacobs University Foundation, is an advisor to the Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) and ChinaBio LLC, and is a member of BayHelix. He holds an AB (Magna Cum Laude) in Biochemistry from Harvard and his PhD (Genetics) and MBA degrees from Stanford.