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Celebrating 10 Years of Dedication to Transporter Research


Transporter Products, Services and Expertise for DDI, DMPK, Safety, Pharmacology and Beyond

Since bringing the first full panel of FDA- and EMA- compliant transporter drug-drug interaction (DDI) assays to market, Optivia has been the leading provider of high quality transporter assay services. These assays include one-of-a-kind multi-vectorial transporter models and predictive modeling of complex molecular transport. Optivia is a thought leader in expanding the utility of transporter biology, constantly looking for innovative ways to meet your needs in areas as diverse as pharmacokinetics, toxicology, therapeutic target discovery and basic research.

Optivia is continually advancing transporter research, offering you the world’s largest portfolio of transporter assays, novel multi-transporter models, transformative Transporter System Biology and molecular transport research solutions.  These solutions enable better mechanistic understanding of drug pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenomics - bringing you meaningful information on your discovery and development efforts.